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Wedding Band for Reception

Wedding entertainment band

We all know that planning and co ordinating a wedding is a huge and stressful task. To organize the wedding  reception venue, caterers, day core and hire live wedding music  (entertainment / function bands)  or disco music can often turn into a nightmare.  If you are looking for wedding entertainment then let us take some of that stress off your hands.  As a live wedding reception band we structure our music performances to suit the occasion and communicate with organizers so we are well prepared for the event at the chosen wedding venues. 

Canapés and pre drinks entertainment

We also offer a light accoustic set to entertain your geusts during pre-drinks and canapés while the couple are out doing their photo shoot or other wise.  The music can be accoustic entertainment,  or a step up using backtracks for a fuller sound.  We offer a Solo or a Duo performance either as stand alone or as part of  the full event.  Contact us to discuss a package or for a quote.

The Band can supply Background Music

At some stage during the course of most weddings, there will be a need for background music.  The couple will be taking photos while everyone else waits or during pre entrance drinks. There are also those long gaps during speaches, starters and main courses to fill.  We have the equipment and material to provide the function with this background music service.

Wedding Speaches

We come equipped with chord less microphones for wedding speaches and dedications.  The fact that they are chord less allows bride, groom, guest  and family speakers to have the freedom to walk about or make speaches  from their tables or any location at the venue with out the annoying lead to think of.

Choosing a wedding Venue


Choosing a venue with sound in mind is probably the last thing on anybody's mind.  If you are wanting to have a band or some kind of live music at the your wedding then please consider what type of venue you choose.  It can make a big difference.  The practicality is that any venue that has high roofs with hard surfaces will have noise problems.  The sound bounces around like crazy and makes it unpleasant for everybody, creating unwanted echos and booming sounds in all corners of the venue.  Lower roofs and thatched surfaces are generally a better idea and makes the noise level much pleasanter on the ear.

Position and layout

It is equally important to have a practical layout for the band to face the correct area of the wedding.  Ideally the band should face the entire venue with the dance floor separating it from the audience.  This allows some kind of barrier between the first tables and the band.  A good idea, especially when the band plays while people are eating and talking etc.  Consider putting younger people closer to the band as they often are a bit more forgiving when it comes to volume issues. ( Im generalizing so please don't shoot me).  Make sure the venue has no volume issues when it comes to surrounding and neighbouring areas and communities.

We have professional sound equipment to accommodate large halls and venues.  In addition we have cordless microphones available for all those who are going to make speeches and announcements, ensuring they are heard and appreciated by all present.  

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