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Linton (Electric guitarist and Vocalist)

Linton, vocalist and guitarist of the under cover bands

I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. Much Iater I joined the dance band as a guitarist and vocalist whilst doing my national service. We often toured the country playing for both military and private functions as a Military band. I have played in many cover bands since then, including an original band called Social Pirana, which we worked hard at for many years and recorded two albums and enjoyed having a couple of hit songs getting radio air time. Later I decided to try being a one man band and in 2005 I started to extend my repitoire by playing with Midi back tracks which I edited and sometimes programmed myself when necessary. I have continued to work hard on expanding my repitoire so we can cover a wide variety of music stlyes. Playing as a Duo and Trio has made our product even more diverse and versatile for our cover bands.

Anthony (Electric guitarist, Bass guitarist and Vocalist)

Anthonly, bass guitarist and vocalist from the undercover band

Anthony is a talented and seasoned musician and bass guitarist. He has fronted his own original and cover bands and has played at many venues. He has also composed alote of his own orignal music. He is a very strong vocalist and bass guitarist with a large repertoire and a wide range. He also plays a large selection of "Swing" numbers from Frank Sinatra to Michael Booble.

Anthony either plays the 6 string electric guitar or the bass guitar depending on the situation and line up. He also wips out the mouth organ for those special songs. He has his own home studio where he spends countless hours writing, recording and arranging his own and other peoples music.

Babrara Lindesay - Vocalist

Barbara female vocalist

Barbara is a professional and entertaining international artiste. She has performed with top acts in several countries, from large theatre venues to festivals and corporate events. She has also been involved with several tribute acts and cover bands.
This sexy vibrant singer has a large varied repertoire to suite all audiences and venues. Barbara has the voice, passion and energy to keep an audience wanting more. She joins the band as a vocalist and entertainer when required.

Robbie (Drummer)

Rob the drummer of the cover bands

Robbie is the official bands live drummer. When an event calls for something a bit more live, we use a live drummer and not back tracks. The sound and feel of live drums is very different to back tracks. Robbie has owned his own recording studio and has written plenty original songs over the years. He is a good bass guitarist and also plays the piano. However his main passion is being a drummer.

We can play as a three piece band being Anthony as bass guitarist and lead vocalist, me as guitarist and vocalist and Robbie as the drummer and back up singer.

Gary BeckmanGary Beckman playing drums

Gary is our other drummer. He also drums for "Harri & the Honkeys" and the cover Rock outfit "Sidewinder". He has a passion for all styles of music especially Rock, pop, Blues and funk. Gary also spent many of his early years playing for the original band, "The Shoe Flies" and others.